My 5 Year Plan (public version)

a person who’s currently healing and improving himself. the architect, the mastermind, or just a regular guy, really. thanks to for this great portrayal of us.

Supp my internet ‘friends’

in the midst of my currently happening Quarter-life crisis that got me into a deep, prolonged depression that lasts for almost half a year by now, Where my friends seem to “get ahead” in their life while I am not, (because I’m not living a “normal” life like them…) I wanna make some kind of a public commitment Here on my Medium page since I don’t have a girlfriend, or a partner, or support system or whatchamacallit that I can commit to. don’t even talk about family.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the 70% rule.

Aight guys, without further ado,


  1. Mid May 2022 — Earned my first $1000 from my secret Youtube channel. it’s a little bit of gray area stuff so I don’t want to talk much about it. I’ll use this money to build my 100% “white hat” business.
  2. Mid to late 2022 (August — September) — accumulated $4000 in working capital. got 2 video editors, 2 scriptwriters, and 2 voice-overs (one male and one female) to make a couple of “Faceless” YouTube channels for my Financial Media project. all of them are on my payroll with a very proper salary. (Freelance based, ofc) and don’t forget to use Kanban and do proper project management.
  3. Late October 2022 — Incorporate my first legal business entity. probably have to get an accountant and a lawyer.
  4. November 2022 — relatively stable collective revenue at $2500 / month. considering resurrecting my old, currently “hiatus” mobile game company ARUBY Games.
  5. Late 2022 — Early 2023 — take my first training to Become an MBTI® Certified Practitioner by attending its 4 days certification program at the price of 3750 SGD (~2700 USD, march 2022 price.) “why take such a relatively expensive certification when there’s a heck of a lot of free resources on the internet?” in short, I want to use MBTI to make the working experience in my company more fun, engaging, more efficient and to reduce office politics in the workplace. I’ve experienced it before back then at the academy and overall it’s quite effective. and fun, of course. and I want to get the real, accurate, and authentic information from the creator of the MBTI itself. (at least from its official institution, because the inventor themselves is probably long dead…)


Got 3 (three) fully operational Finance YouTube channels with 6 employees.


(early to late)

  1. Got our first, physical private office. maybe rent something. must be in East Jakarta as most of my ‘friends’ reside there.
  2. Passively use English in the office even though we are Indonesians as we will going global soon.
  3. Getting better equipment to ramp up the production quality. they’re damn expensive so at least $6K-$8K is needed. (Shure SM 7B, Panasonic GH5, and Aputure 120D is a must) don’t forget to deduct it from the tax return.
  4. Offer a Fulltime job opportunity for already existing employees. (make sure a 1-year of working capital is ready, do the budgeting carefully.) definitely needs to learn how to fill out the tax return so I won’t get in jail.
  5. Create our first YouTube channel with a talking head in it. (Indonesian) something like PBS’ Two Cents
  6. Got our First Brand deal from a Local Stock Broker or a Bank or something.
  7. Going English. (Faceless and Talking head channel)
  8. $15K / month in relatively stable collective revenue. and then, Increase employees’ salaries by 100%.


  1. First brand deal with a Foreign Business Entity.
  2. $75K / month in relatively stable collective revenue. hire three additional employees.
  3. ramp up production quality even higher. get better equipment or increase existing employees’ skillset by giving them a better education and training.
  4. Increase employees’ living standards through various programs.
  5. Contribute back to society. (a sustainable contribution that increases society’s standard of living. not just by handing them money. “you give poor people fish, there will be more poor people asking for fish.” ofc it doesn’t mean the latter option is completely abandoned. We’ll give to orphanages and to other charitable causes too.)





Closing thoughts.

And the end of this year, I will create a follow-up post on How this current year’s plan is going. I’m so excited right now. this depression needs to be ended soon or it’ll cause a lot more trouble and I have to totally give up this location and time-independent entrepreneurial life.

God Bless.



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