Here are some things that I learned during this uncertain time.

stressed man. for illustration purposes only.

Hey, you.

if you have 5 minutes of your precious time to spend,

please read this message. I promise you’ll learn a couple of things.

as both of my mental and financial condition has recovered from the craziness that the illness made, i want to share some things that i learned during this uncertain time.

1. be water.

what can you do? can you cook, drive, or can you speak multiple languages? since we (if you are) are not children of rich people, we need to utilize our skill to its maximum. i know some bread and butter about marketing, design, video editing, and some couple other skills. and at this uncertain time people are some kind of forced to work from home, and for those whose job can’t be worked from home, they got laid off. what i want to tell is that people who got laid off from their job then can use their other skills to make some money to get another stream of income. if you can cook, then made some food and sell it to your neighbor, or sell it online is much better so you can reach more customers. you don’t have to literally sell food online, it’s up to you and your ability, you got control over yourself. don’t be lazy! the bottom line is more skill = more opportunity that you can choose and try. that’s why i prefer to be a generalist rather than a specialist.

2. be yourself.

people always telling me to do this, do that, “go to college, or you won’t succeed.”

one thing that I want to point out, is, if you say something against my set of values, then i don’t care.

let's take college for example, yes some people do get higher wages by going to college, they got degree to get a higher paying job. one of my friend who said that going to college has a noble purpose because we’re continuing the academic tradition of learning and contributing to the society. but one of my set of values is not that higher job / the nobility of going to college, i do want to contribute to society, but college is simply not my way. it took too much time, and i don’t want to go to low-quality universities. the latter is impossible for now because my budget doesn’t allow me for that. and if i had the budget ofc i don’t go to college, because it doesn’t fit to my set of values. i’ll use the budget for other opportunities that i really understand the know-how and the risks of it.

the bottom line, if all men on earth told me to go to college, i will not go to college.

same with my political activities, if all man on earth told me to not talk about my views on social media, i’ll insist on doing it. if you don’t like it, or if my business partner disagrees with my views, they can end the partnership. leave me. i have nothing to lose. i only have Allah.

3. always look for opportunity, and take it of course.

as i mentioned in number 1, if you have some skills that are in high demand, then there is no wrong in allocating some hours of your day to make some money off of it. if you like to cook, then learn more recipe, it can be another cupcake recipe, or you can experiment in inventing a new kind of sayur asem flavor. sayur asem is a kind of indonesian soup btw. and if you’re ready to market your skill, then wait no more, posts it on social media, tell your friend that you can cook, “hit me up if you need help in cooking” or “i can provide you catering service for your diet”. once the opportunity comes, don’t miss it! build credibility, collect and posts your clients' testimonial. build up your side hustle, it might replace your main job if you’re really like it and put a lot of effort into it.

4. following up on my condition.

several months ago, i got literally Rp.0 in my bank account. it really gives a lot of pressure on my psyche and made me quite stressed out. then i remember that i can do web programming, and from that i start to look for opportunities, and i got a freelance job that can put food on the table. and after my financial condition recovered, my psyche also got recovered. i think there’s a correlation between someone’s financial condition and their psyche.

i’m also trying other opportunities, been learning about youtube for the last 10 or so months, and now i’ve got enough tools and knowledge to be successful at doing YouTube, be it got some money or some subscribers. but still, my #1 purpose of doing YT is to share the little knowledge that i have, so it can be useful for all of you guys who might need it.

my game development? it doesn’t advance that much. and i don’t want to talk much about it for now. but sure i’m still taking care of it. no worries guys. ARUBY still in control.

5. finally, god is the only place that we are headed to.

i don’t want to talk much about it. the thing is; if you don’t have some kind of spirituality in your life, then your life is not complete. seek out spiritualities, religions. learn from the TRUE experts. don’t learn Islam from those who convey it in a bad way. find the real teaching of Islam from the true Ulama (Scholar), not the liberal one. i recommend watching Mr. Jeffrey Lang on Youtube if you’re a non-muslim and want to get started to learn Islam.

indeed, Islam is the only true religion and the only religion accepted by Allah.

(you can also say this phrase to your belief/religion too btw. this kind of tolerance is one of many teachings in Islam)

if you’re reading this, then you’re awesome!

because you’ve read my writings till it’s very end.

that means you want to know my thoughts, my current conditions,

the thing is: you care about me.

Thanks anyway! hope almighty god Allah SWT bless us all. Aamiin.




21 Years old. CEO & Founder, Freelancer, Unemployed. Choose one according to the needs

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Ardi Muhammad

Ardi Muhammad

21 Years old. CEO & Founder, Freelancer, Unemployed. Choose one according to the needs

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