Find Your Values. (Carilah Prinsipmu)

di Q1 tahun ini, beberapa teman saya ada yang menikah dan mendapat pekerjaan. those two things makes their life more secure.

Thinker Man (Le Penseur)

“The more security you have, the less freedom you will get” - Robert Kiyosaki (Why we want you to be Rich, p.99)

if you’re married, then you’re pretty much secured.

you’re the breadwinner, at 8 you go to work, make money, put food on the table, bang your wife, go to the shopping mall at weekends, and so on and so forth.

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

(at least that’s what they told me)

and you won’t get any kind of STD, because you’re not doing free sex.

but, you’re not allowed to go out with any other girl except your wife.

The same thing goes with Job,

“E and S quadrant values Security, while B and I quadrant values Freedom”

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant

“Go to School, get good grades, have a safe and secure Job….”

I don’t drink that kool-aid. that’s why most people say that I’m crazy and I will fail in life (ofc they’re not the god who knows everything.)

and I’ve literally got rid of my “Friends” who’ve been telling me to do such things and ridicule my ventures. have I listened to their advice, I won’t be as happy as today.

Even some of my friends who are entrepreneurs still go to college. they want that “safety net” to fall back on if someday their venture is failed. and I respect that. they have their own plans.

Who am I to judge tho.

Luckily, I have awesome mentors that help me shape my mind and mental. recently I’ve been reading Robert and Donald. they’re both successful businessmen and they invest in real estate.

(although they use a lot of ‘grey’ techniques, they still earn my respect. that’s still valuable knowledge to me. so I can identify if someday someone is using those techniques to me.)

for now, I don’t have much interest in real estate, but I’m much more inclined towards Creativity and Media.

Long story short,

back in my apprenticeship at the Academy, I met a very cool young guy that teaches me how to take good videos a.k.a videography.

and I’m immediately falling in love with the idea of sharing my thoughts with the medium of video rather than a long-boring text like this.

yes, videography is my next venture.

still need to do much housekeeping in my current ventures so it won’t overlap with the new one. keyword: delegates and leverage.

Back to the topic.

if you’re an employee and married, you have to cling to your job in order to be secure.

“I want to try a new venture!”

  • what about your job? you can’t leave your job.
  • who’s gonna feed the wife and the kids?
  • what if your venture failed?
  • what are you doing? that is too risky for your family.
  • you can’t do that. you’ll fail.

the reality is;

if you’re an employee and also married and you want to start a new venture, you can only do it after your job. and you won’t have much time to work on your thing.

to sum it up:

It’ll be harder to work on your own venture if you’re married and employed by someone. (in terms of money and time, and also freedom)


Employee values Security such as :

  • Monthly Paycheck
  • 401K (Jamsostek — BPJS Tan)
  • Medicare & Medicaid (BPJS)
  • Daily Routine (Work — Eat — Sleep, repeat)
  • Work-Life Balance (ruang gulag?)
  • etc…

Entrepreneur values Freedom:

  • Freedom to use Leverage (other people’s money)
  • Freedom to Delegate (other people’s time)
  • Freedom to direct their company’s decision
  • Freedom to lobby the government
  • Freedom to go to shopping malls anytime they want! (JK lol)

that’s about it.

wish me luck with my next venture!





21 Years old. CEO & Founder, Freelancer, Unemployed. Choose one according to the needs

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Ardi Muhammad

Ardi Muhammad

21 Years old. CEO & Founder, Freelancer, Unemployed. Choose one according to the needs

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